Hidden Gems of Karnataka: Bhimanagudda Sirsi Adventure

Bhimanagudda Sirsi is a small town in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. This hidden gem has lush green forests, huge streams, and waterfalls. Its beauty and cultural heritage make an eye cataching point for the tourists. People from all across the country Being situated around 400kms away from Bangalore, the Evergreen forests of Sirsi make it a perfect place to enjoy a peaceful and calming life. Moreover, its nearby waterfalls are so beautiful that they fill the hearts of tourists with joy. Betel nut is the primary crop of Sirsi and nearby villages. 

Here we will have a look at some of the tourist destinations of Sirsi that make this place a must to visit in life. 

  1. Unchalli Falls: It is also known by the name of Lushington Falls as it was discovered by JD Lushington in 1845 AD. This waterfall is on the river Aghanashini and has a height of 116 meters. Unchalli Falls is 35 km away from Sirsi. They produce a deafening sound and make it a soothing experience for tourists. Unchalli Fall is one of the All Season falls in India that add the beauty of the falls is mesmerizing and makes it one of the most popular waterfalls in India
  1. Shivaganga Falls: It is a famous tourist destination situated 37 km away from Sirsi. These falls are surrounded by the lush green surroundings of the western ghats. Surrounded by dense forests makes it more beautiful. Shivaganga Waterfalls is formed by the Bedti River near Sirsi city. Many tourists spot this waterfall adventure during the rainy seasons, Slippery leaves on the trail make the path a little more difficult and exhausting.
  1. Vibhuti Falls: It is a stunning waterfall situated in the beautiful city of Karnataka. Vibhuti Falls is 47-48 Km away from Bhimanagudda Sirsi. It hardly takes 1 to ½ hours to visit the place. Vibhuti Falls is surrounded by lush green surroundings with less crowded and peaceful places. Its low popularity makes it a favorite destination for adventure lovers. Vibhut Falls is formed by the river Shalmala and becomes a hotspot during monsoon season. 
  1. Sri Mahaganpathi Temple: It is one of the most prominent Hindu temples in the Royarapete locality of Sirsi. This temple is situated around 3 km away from the Sirsi bus stand. The idol of Lord Ganesha is 18cm in height and is nearly 400 years old. The rituals performed by the priests in front of the Big Lord Ganesh Idol are auspicious for horoscope and astrology purposes. This temple is well-known for its delicious sweet dish made with rice called UNNIYAPPAM.
  1. Yana: Being located in the forest of Katgal Range, Yana Rocks is one of the most beautiful destinations out there. It is the wettest village and one of the cleanest villages in Karnataka. It is famous for two unique rocks known as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara (120m) and Mohini Shikhara (90m). A car festival is organized every year here during Shivratri in Yana. Its enchanting beauty and peaceful environment make it a place perfect for relaxation. After the Mawlynnong, Yana is the second cleanest village in India, for the tracking lover October to January is the best time to visit this place.
  1. Sahasralinga: It is a renowned pilgrimage site of Karnataka. As the name suggests, there are thousands of lingas being carved into a riverbed over several centuries. It is a popular belief that these lingas were installed by Lord Shiva himself. The natural surroundings amidst lush green forests and hills make it one of the best tourist destinations in the state. 

So, these are some of the hotspot tourist attractions of Bhimanagudda Sirsi which make it a choice for tourists. As far as the route is concerned, you can reach by train or airplane. The nearest railway station is Kumta while the nearest airport is Hubli Airport. Thus, you can make up your mind to visit this happening place and gather some memorable moments for your life. 

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