6 Ways To Spot Airline Ticket Fraud This Holiday Season

Are you planning to go somewhere in this festive season? And you are looking for a flight ticket. Right? Hey, hold On. An Airline ticket scam is going on in the travel industry to dupe innocent people. Many people are getting scammed daily and even the authority knows about it. Cyber security has officially declared about the rise in Airline ticket fraud cases

It is a huge scandal that even Interpol has become active and is looking out for the culprits involved. Indians are getting duped by this mafia of Airline tickets and are reporting such cases daily. The main thing is that they come to know about the scam when they get looted. 

So as an ideal citizen, you must know about this fraud so that you can save yourself. So, here we will discuss some of the ways by which you can spot Airline ticket fraud. 

  1. Offers With Low Prices: Scammers take advantage of the budget of the people planning to buy air tickets. To lure the customers, they come out with various unrealistic offers that are too low. It is done to attract a large chunk of people and scam them some of whom pay. 
  1. Urgency To Book Tickets For A Limited-Time Offer: Innocent people easily come into the trap of fraudsters who play with their psychology. They create a false urgency like availing of the ticket in just a few hours or like limited tickets left and so on. You must have seen it in various ads and it creates pressure on the minds of people out there. Airline ticket fraud cases in India are of maximum this type. 
  1. Incomplete Information Given On The Website: False agencies don’t provide genuine information like phone numbers, and email addresses. They provide incomplete information which is often vague. In most cases, these scammers make fake airline websites and loot money via them. Sometimes you may find information from some genuine agencies and can assume the process to be authentic and can get looted. 
  1. Offers Little Known Payment Options: Some websites only allow the option of Paytm or Google Pay transfer of money. It is a big danger signal for people aiming to buy from these websites. Some fraudsters ask for payment in the form of cryptocurrency which is again a red flag. Moreover, they use various transfer modes that are less known to the public. 

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  1. Unsecured Transactional Page: If you need to book an airline ticket online, you must see whether there are HTTPS or not. Most of the websites have transaction pages which is not secured and thus your information and personal details are at risk. These websites can misuse your data to scam further or do some other criminal activities. 
  1. Terms And Conditions Are Not Learned: Bogus Airline ticket-providing websites don’t have clear-cut policies. Moreover, there is no refund policy on their website which is again a scam. Scammer flight ticket format is also bogus and is different from the normal ones. Thus, an experienced person can identify it and it is a problem for new people. 

So, these are some of the detected ways that come under the report of the Airline ticket fraud investigation in India. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the people to keep an eye on such scams as they will be the most suffered ones. Strict punishment laws on cyber scams will help in curbing this menace and can reduce Airline ticket fraud cases in India. Cyber security officials need to be alert and have a constant eye on them to ensure the safety of the hard-earned people’s money.

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