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Top 5 Highest Paying Career Trends In 2024

Getting one of the highest paying jobs in India is a dream come true for millions. Isn’t it? People specifically in their teenage keep on getting guidance from friends and relatives about the course they should pursue. This leads to greater confusion about the career which they should opt for. 

Here we will have a look at the top paying career options in India so that you can decide accordingly.

AI/ML Engineer

Have you heard the name of Artificial Intelligence? Studies have shown that in the future most of the jobs in every profession will be overtaken by AI. So, the scope of a person dealing in AI and Machine Learning is immense. As an AI engineer, you will be creating engineering applications of Artificial intelligence like software systems that can learn, adjust, and get better with time. Machine Learning professionals need to interact with Data scientists and leading software developers to take care of the business needs. Thus, you will be responsible for creating software solutions and will need to update them now and then. Artificial intelligence engineer salary starts at 8 lakh per annum and can go up to 40 LPA. 

Data Scientists

Are you interested in numbers and love to play with them? If yes, then you have a quality which is the prerequisite for data science jobs. Data science requires a person with a Computer science, Mathematics, or Statistics background or at least have a data scientist certification. You will be collecting and analyzing data in an organization and helping it achieve the required results. So, if you have an analytical bent of mind, you are welcome in the field of data. If you are looking for an entry level data scientist salary, you can expect to make around 10 LPA in the Indian market and go as high as 35 LPA. So, it is a decent-paying job these days and will continue for several decades. Google data scientist’s salary starts at 50 LPA which is huge according to Indian market standards. 

Blockchain Developers

Nowadays leading companies in India are relying on Blockchain technology to remove the interference of middlemen. Blockchain technology applications include Currency transactions, internet connectivity, data handling as well as data security. All this requires an efficient blockchain developer. Now what is a Blockchain developer? To apply for such coveted posts, you need to have a Computer science or Maths degree. In the future, companies will always rely on Blockchain developers to reduce costs and expand the speed as well as reach. Blockchain developer salary package ranges from 8 to 45 LPA. Moreover, you will easily find jobs in the major cities of India. 

Full Stack Software Developer

The demand for software engineers is all-time high. People often get into the debate of software engineer vs full stack developer. Full-stack people are experts in both the front end and back end of software and websites. They are expected to build websites from scratch and should be able to make dynamic changes when required. If you are from an IT background, this profession is a cakewalk for you. You need to be proficient in programming languages to deal with the server side of a website. Full stack software developer salary stands at a minimum package of 8 LPA and can be up to 40 LPA with experience.  

Digital Marketing Expert

Since everything is getting online these days, the role of a digital marketing professional has become extremely important. As a digital marketing expert, you need to handle the team and help the companies in making strategies to market the product or service. You need to efficiently handle all the social media accounts and make the company reach a maximum number of people. You can expect to get around 9 LPA as an average package and can make as large as 30 LPA. Thus, the scope of digital marketing will be much greater in the upcoming era due to the digitalization of every service. Now, you may not ask how to become a digital marketer after knowing this all. 

So, you have seen the 5 top notch career options that pay well these days. The only thing you need to do is to choose an option for you that suits your interest. For that, you need to evaluate your capabilities and then make an informed decision. 

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